About Us


Based in India, Aveve offers its firewall consulting services to local businesses. Besides firewalls, our security experts have a broad range of expertise in computer security, including conducting security audits, vulnerabilities testing and remediation. We also help our clients in hardening the operating systems they use. OS hardening is done by carefully modifying system configuration files, changing permissions, eliminating unnecessary files and services that are typically used by unauthorized people to exploit or disable system and network resources. Our integrated approach to computer security helps our clients mitigate the risks involved in this highly networked world. We encourage you to contact us for your firewall security needs. You will be delighted with our professionalism and thorough knowledge.

Five Reasons to Choose Aveve's Services

Local Presence: We are located in India and are dedicated to serve the Indian marketplace. Furthermore, we understand the local business practices and regulatory requirements.

Expertise: Our team is comprised of dedicated, security staff whose main concern is computer security.

Lower Cost of Ownership: We save you time and money by reducing staffing, training, and maintenance costs.

End-to-End Support: We support the complete lifecycle of your firewall. From installation to retirement, the Aveve Firewall Team is available to offer expertise and counsel.

Dependable People: You can depend on Aveve's security team to get the job done right- every single time.