Aveve's Services


Once you make your decision to invest in a firewall, Aveve's firewall experts will sit down with you to determine exactly what size and capability you need in a firewall. Based on your needs, we will make a recommendation for a particular type of a firewall. We typically work with firewalls from recognized industry leaders, such as Check Point, NetScreen, etc.


We will properly deploy the firewall. Our team will work with you to develop a firewall ruleset that suits your company's needs. We will help you configure all your workstations and servers to point to the firewall, so that they can start enjoying the benefits of being protected by a firewall. We will also do basic penetration testing to make sure that the firewall is doing what it is supposed to do.


Our firewall experts will train your employees to maintain the firewall. This training will include making ruleset changes, configuration changes and monitoring the logs, etc.

Technical Support

Aveve's job is not done when the firewall is deployed. We are dedicated to providing you with ongoing technical support. Telephone support for the first year is included in the installation charges. You can purchase support for additional years, if needed.